YUKON OCT Spinal System

The Yukon OCT Spinal System features newly designed top-loading polyaxial screws with high angulation and the ability to accommodate rods in two diameters. YUKON OCT was developed to aid surgeons in restoring cervical sagittal balance via posterior fixation of the occipito-cervical-thoracic regions of the spine. The system offers a comprehensive selection of polyaxial screws, hooks, rods, connectors and occipital plates (coming soon).


  • “60 for 60”: 60° coronal swing to aid screw placement
  • 105° total angulation to aid in screw placement in the cervico-thoracic spine
  • Screw head accepts both Ø3.5 and Ø4.0mm rods in cobalt chrome (CoCr) and titanium alloy (Ti) for construct rigidity based on degenerative or deformity corrections
  • Shafts offered in Ø3.5, Ø4.0, Ø4.5 and  Ø5.0mm for multiple screw insertion options
  • Friction head screw to aid in improved rod placement
  • Square thread set screw facilitates set screw introduction and minimises cross- threading
  • Two different reduction options allowing up to 20mm reduction, increasing intraoperative flexibility and ease of use.

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