VTI Surgical Doppler

TQI Doppler – Dual Transcutaneous and Intraoperative System TQI’s dual functioning 8 MHz doppler transceiver paired with sterile disposable probes enables the evaluation of blood flow before, during and after surgery.

  • TQI is a multi-functional doppler system for intraoperative and transcutaneous evaluation of blood flow, all in one transceiver
  • Single use sterile probes
  • Provides real-time evaluation of vasculature before, during and after surgery
  • Simple to use with intuitive controls
  • Both battery and AC power capable to enable blood flow assessment anywhere in the hospital

20 MHz Doppler for Microvascular Surgery The 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System offers real-time assessment of vessels in a range of procedures including aneurysm clipping and arterio-venous malformation management.

8 MHz Doppler for General and Vascular Surgery Surgeons who have a need to interrogate larger vessels in general and vascular surgery procedures can utilise the 8 MHz Surgical Doppler System. This audio blood flow detector allows for real-time, intraoperative assessment of vessels in a wide variety of surgical specialties including A/V Fistula, A/V Shunt, Bypass Graft and Carotid Endarterectomy procedures.