Venue R2

Simple. Fast. Precise

The technology may be advanced, but the mission is the same: Simple, fast and precise in the critical moment.

When every second matters, there is Venue™. Representing the next step in Point of Care imaging, the Venue ultrasound system offers a simple, fast, and precise way to assess your patient’s medical status in the critical moment.

Fast assessment for tough decisions

Introducing Venue's Shock Toolkit

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Key Question: Is the heart pumping enough blood to the end organs?

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Key Question: Is there enough fluid in the system for the heart to pump to the end organs?

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Key Question: Is there fluid in the lungs where it doesn't belong?

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Key Question: Can I eliminate non-productive needle sticks?

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Key Question: Is there a way to keep track?

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Designed for emergency and critical care medicine

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Academic basis for Venue

Venue is based on advanced technology, but it’s inspiration is not in software and fancy processors….it’s in well-established medicine. While many care areas are important for a general purpose ultrasound system, in Venue we focused on tools to help caregivers attending to patients, including those in shock. Our developers read hundreds of papers during the development. These are the top twelve that shaped our thinking. Click here to read more. 

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