Venue Go

Right when it matters. Right where it counts.

Simplify assessments and deliver effective care with Venue Go™. Featuring a uniquely adaptable design that goes from cart to table to wall, Venue Go supports Point of Care medicine across clinical needs and physical spaces from the ED to the ICU to the OR.

See a difference right at the Point of Care

Using advanced algorithms and high-quality imaging, Venue Go enables accurate tissue differentiation, needle visualization, and clear images—even for challenging patients—helping care providers make fast assessments and confident decisions in environments that are often unpredictable and chaotic.


Adaptable design

Venue Go adapts to the unique needs of various clinical spaces—from the ED to the ICU to the OR. A small footprint, compact 15” touchscreen and sleek, ergonomic design makes it a take-anywhere system.


A shared platform

One common platform shared between Venue Go and Venue gives users the same experience regardless of system being used, and enables facilities to simplify their training protocols.


Easy to use

Venue Go helps clinicians begin imaging quickly with features such as easy graphical documentation, gesture control, and quick transducer selection to help improve efficiency.


Supports infection control efforts

A seamless flat display—with no knobs, keyboards, or other creviced surfaces—may help to reduce healthcare-acquired infections.

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