Tritanium TL

Tritanium TL Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage

Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage

A hollow implant that consists of a unique configuration of both solid and porous structures built using AMagine Technology, our proprietary approach to implant creation using additive manufacturing.

This cage is available in a variety of heights, lengths and lordotic angles to accommodate various patient anatomies.  Tritanium TL’s Anterior Placement System and cage design combine to enable the surgeon’s desired apophyseal placement. Tritanium TL complements Tritanium PL, and together they offer alternative posterior lumbar solutions.

  • Our proprietary Tritanium In-Growth Technology, used to build the Tritanium PL, TL and C Cages was designed for bone in-growth and biological fixation1
  • Unique porous structure of Tritanium technology is designed to create a favorable environment for cell attachment and proliferation2,3 and may be able to wick or retain fluid when compared to traditional titanium material4
  • Porous structures feature randomized pore shape and sizing that are designed to mimic cancellous bone3,5
  • Interconnected pore structure from endplate to endplate5
  • Offering two inserter and two tamp options, our system is designed for versatility and procedural flexibility in open and MIS procedures
  • With a curved shape and a roughened Tritanium surface featuring multi-directional teeth, the cage is designed to provide tactile feedback as it is steered to the surgeon’s desired placement6
  • Created to allow imaging7
  • Developed to minimise subsidence8
  • Empowered by AMagine Technology – our proprietary approach to implant creation using additive manufacturing


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