Tritanium PL

Tritanium TL Curved Posterior Lumbar Cage

Posterior Lumbar Cage

A hollow, rectangular implant that consists of a unique configuration of both solid and porous structures built using AMagine Technology, our proprietary approach to implant creation using additive manufacturing.

This cage is available in a variety of widths, lengths, heights, and lordotic angles to accommodate a variety of patient anatomies. It features a large, open graft window as well as a smooth wedge nose to facilitate insertion into the disc space. A threaded inserter connection promotes rigid connectivity and control during insertion, while a circular dimple tells you the correct insertion orientation needed to accurately position the lordotic cages.

  • Our proprietary Tritanium In-Growth Technology, used to build the Tritanium PL Cage, was designed for bone in‑growth and biological fixation1
  • Porous structures feature randomised pore shape and sizing that are designed to mimic cancellous bone2,3
  • Interconnected pore structure from endplate to endplate3
  • Created to allow imaging4
  • Engineered for stability5,6
  • Developed to minimise subsidence7
  • Empowered by AMagine Technology – our proprietary approach to implant creation using additive manufacturing

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