Trios Spinal Surgery Table System

Trios® Surgical Table System

The Trios® Surgical Table System brings functionality to the original spinal platform used worldwide. Designed to meet the demands of today’s surgical needs, the Trios Spine and Imaging Tops are equipped to support patient weight up to 295 kg while remaining radiolucent. Featuring powered floor locks, a tabletop mounting interface, and a streamlined 180º rotation mechanism, Trios brings ease of use to the operating room. In addition to its Spine and Imaging Tops, Trios is equipped with the option of an Orthopedic Trauma Top designed to hold and position patients undergoing orthopedic surgical procedures. Featuring a wide variety of components, the Trios Orthopedic Trauma Top offers both skin and skeletal traction, a moveable traction arc, multiple leg support options, and pelvic support options for both supine and lateral decubitus positions.