Spine Map

SpineMap 3D Software

SpineMap 3D Software’s intuitive, customisable design lets surgeons create personalized workflows and enhance efficiency in every procedure. Designed for use with the Stryker NAV3i Platform, Stryker NAV3 Platform and NavSuite3 Kit, SpineMap 3D Software is compatible with a wide variety of imaging devices from pre-op CTs to the latest intraoperative imaging platforms.

  • Enhanced surgical navigation experience with user-defined views and workflows
  • Intraoperative flexibility
  • Compatible with a variety of intraoperative imaging devices for automatic registration
  • Intraoperative virtual k-wire planning
  • Integrated instrumentation to enhance navigated spinal surgery
  • Pre-planned screw sizing and placement
  • Integrates into OR workflow with automatic intraoperative mask registration
  • Enables minimally invasive approaches with non-invasive patient tracking
  • Works with a wide variety of imaging devices for seamless OR integration
  • Seamless integration of Stryker KWIC Needle and Rotational Navigation Adapter
  • Interchangeable tips with one-step calibration
  • Ease of integration into surgical workflow

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