SonicOne O.R

SonicOne O.R

NB: This product is currently only available for purchase through LifeHealthcare in New Zealand. 

SonicOne O.R. with SonicVac is the Only Wound Debridement Device that Combines Aspiration with Ultrasonic Debridement.

The Misonix SonicOne O.R. System, now with SonicVac (as shown below) is an innovative ultrasonic surgical debridement system that allows surgeons to address the challenges chronic wounds present to them, the patient, and the health-care system. SonicOne O.R. establishes a new standard in surgical wound bed preparation, an essential first step in the wound healing process.

Top-Down Wound Debridement Means Better Outcomes
SonicOne O.R. utilizes ultrasonic technology in the form of a debridement modality which provides safe and effective removal of all nonviable tissue while safely preserving healthy structures. Sharp and non-distinct debridement techniques often result in inadvertent resection of viable tissue planes. The precision available with the SonicOne O.R. allows for surgical debridement layer by layer from superficial to deep while protecting underlying viable tissues.

Vacuum Aspiration

  • Significant reduces spray dispersion
  • Captures used irrigate and other fluids from the wound site
  • Removes the debris cloud from the field


  • High intensity and low frequency titanium tips create transient cavitation
  • Preserves healthy tissue while debriding necrotic tissue

Removes bacteria and biofilms

  • The transient captivation destroys bacteria and biofilms

Drives cascade of healing

  • Transient cavitation and acoustic micro-streaming are the principle effects that drive the cascade of healing

Reduced blood loss vs standard excision methods

  • Vessels are not damaged with contact

Hard tissue cutting capabilities

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