Serres Nemo Fluid Disposal System

Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment for Serres suction liners promotes more cost-efficient fluid waste management in hospitals, creating value disposal-by-disposal.*

Serres Nemo fluid disposal for Serres suction bags

Cleaning up fluid disposal

The Serres Nemo allows you to empty the Serres suction bag’s content into the sewer with minimal effort, making fluid disposal cleaner.

Serres Nemo cleans up the whole process of medical fluid disposal. The emptied suction bag weighs only a fraction compared to a full suction bag.

Key Features


Fits into tight spaces with its compact form.

Fast to operate

Emptying cycle of only 20 seconds.


Keeps your hands clean with capped Serres suction bags emptied in a sealed container.

The Serres Integrated Solution

Serres integrated solution for fluid collection and disposal

Serres fluid collection and disposal solution is for low to medium volume cases to replace the practice of incinerating full suction bags and the process of pouring waste down the hopper. Watch video to learn more.


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