Serres – Suction Liners

Supporting over 60,000 operations around the world each day, the Serres Suction Bag System has been developed over years to provide reliable fluid collection in all areas of the hospitals.

Serres suction bags for medical suction

Fluid collection has a critical role in hospitals. Before any operation can begin, suction and power are needed. Designed with the users, we intend to make the Serres suction bags as easy to use as possible, easing the everyday life of people who rely on our equipment day in, day out.

Serres suction bags

1. Versatility

Serres suction bags are suitable for all areas and operations of a hospital and enable different forms of disposal for waste management.

2. Light and compact

Serres suction bags take up less space in storage. Compact and integrated product range eases inventory management.

3. Single-connection

The patented single-connection Serres Suction Bag makes sure the suction system is easy to set up.

The Serres Integrated Solution

Serres integrated solution for fluid collection and disposal

Serres fluid collection and disposal solution is ideal for low to medium volume cases to replace the practice of incinerating full suction bags, and the process of pouring waste down the hopper.

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