A dual flat blade platform for a true muscle splitting transpsoas approach that offers rigid fixation to the spine and an option for both a third and fourth blade. K2M’s lateral access system represents an innovative design departure from the tubular retractors, while providing tremendous adaptability to both patient anatomy and surgeon technique. • Variety of Soft Tissue Dissectors & Robust Guidewire to Establish a Path Through the Psoas Muscle, Navigating the Lumbar Plexus • Dual Flat Blade Platform for a True Muscle Splitting Transpsoas Approach • Retractor Frame Fixates Directly to the Spine • Provision for a Traditional Table Mounted Stabilization Arm • Complete Offering of Disc Preparation Instruments, Including Curettes, Rongeurs, Rasps, Disc Spreaders, Scrapers, and Cobb Elevators • Full Array of ALEUTIAN® Lateral Interbodies & Instruments Specific to the Far Lateral Approach