Tempur-Pedic® Pressure Equalisation Pads

Mizuho OSI® Tempur-Pedic® Pressure Equalisation Pads

Mizuho OSI® Pressure Equalisation Pads provide support, positioning
and pressure redistribution during a surgical procedure. This helps
reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPI).1

  • Contours to body shape
  • Latex-free, anti-microbial materials
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Material is radiolucent
  • Waterfall edges
  • Moisture resistant
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Easy cleaning with standard disinfectantsReference: 1. DeFloor, T., DeBacquer, D., and Grypdonck, M. (2005). The Effect of Various Combinations of turning and Pressure Reducing Devices on the Incidence of Pressure Ulcers, International Journal of Nursing Studies, 42 (2005), 37-46. 2. Mizuho Orthopedic Systems Inc (2019), Pressure Equalization Pads with Tempur-Pedic® Technology, Available from: Mizuho Orthopedic Systems