Oxiplex AP Adhesion Prevention Gel

Oxiplex AP Adhesion Prevention Gel

An effective adhesion barrier for peritoneal and intrauterine surgery, Oxiplex/AP and Oxiplex/IU Absorbable Adhesion Barrier Gel helps reduce the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions.1 Oxiplex/AP is a clear, single-use, flowable gel intended to serve as a temporary, absorbable mechanical barrier separating surgically traumatised opposing tissue surfaces in the peritoneal and intrauterine cavity where adhesions could potentially form.

Reduces the incidence of de novo adhesions1 Increases fertility rate2 Indicated for both intrauterine and peritoneal use

Easy to Use
Ready to use off the shelf in 2 x 20mL (AP) or 1 x 10mL (IU) pre-filled syringe Fast application and thorough coverage Can be used in the presence of blood

Clear flowable gel with precision applicator

1. Di Spiezio Sardo et al. Efficacy of a polyethylene oxide-sodium carboxymethylcellulose gel in prevention of intrauterine adhesions after hysteroscopic surgery. JMIG.2011.Apr;18(4):462-9
2. Fuchs N, Smorgick N, et al. Intercoat (Oxiplex/AP Gel) for preventing intrauterine adhesions after opearative hysteroscopy for suspected retained products of conception: double-blind, prospective, randomized pilot study. JMIG.2013.Jul;21(1):126-130.

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