NAV3i Platform

The NAV3i Platform is another surgical innovation in our family of navigation platforms. With the surgical team in mind, Stryker have applied rigorous testing and usability engineering to create a platform that lets you navigate with confidence, power and control.

Stryker’s NAV3i Platform has the performance specifications and accessories you expect from a top-of-the-line surgical navigation system. You get maximum application and configuration options—plus additional image-import capability and microscope integration.

From its sleek design and powerful computing capabilities to the enhanced visuals provided by its monitors, our NAV3i Platform enhances your processes and integrates smoothly into the operating room.

  • Proprietary navigation camera with active optical technology
  • 32″ HD surgeon monitor
  • Navigation camera arm with wide range of motion to easily accommodate various procedures and approaches
  • Built-in LiveCam for easy positioning of the navigation camera and smart instruments
  • Rugged IO tablet user interface with touch capability
  • Small footprint and sleek design to maximize space in the OR
  • Uninterruptible power supply up to six minutes
  • Industrial PC with upgraded processing speed and 60 percent more RAM than legacy platform
  • DICOM query/retrieve and DICOM client functionality for smooth wireless integration into the hospital network
  • High-definition multimedia interface output

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