MUTARS Proximal Femur

The TiAl6V4 Silver Coated proximal femoral components come in 50mm and 70mm lengths. These implants have a 12/14 morse taper for mating with a femoral head – made from either cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy (CoCrMo), BIOLOX® delta alumina ceramic (Al2O3 and ZrO2) or titanium alloy coated with titanium nitride (TiN). When either a 50mm or a 70mm proximal component is combined with a stem, this gives a resection length of 80mm or 100mm respectively. The reconstruction length can increase in 10mm increments up to 340mm. Anteversion can be easily adjusted in 5° increments to optimise stability. The proxuimal femur can be utilised with a cementless stem or a cemented stem with a HA coated collar.