Designed in partnership with International Physicians from Europe and USA, this line of instruments is the natural complement of the EFER-DUMON® bronchoscope and provides till many years an answer to the majority of therapeutic procedures.

These semi-rigid instruments offer a unique combination of strength, flexibility and are autoclavable. At the opposite of diagnostic type instruments fixed to the optic, these instruments are positioned freely straight beside the optic saving the widest space in the Bronchoscope tubes allowing a variety of enhancements including:

  • Ability to introduce several instruments simultaneously (forceps, laser fibre, suction tube)
  • Increase in ventilation capability of the patient
  • Vision of the operating site is maintained even when instrument is removed.
  • Allow the surgeon to work farther from the optic site when necessary and then avoid to get it dirty.
  • To follow the pieces into the bronchoscope while removed.

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