LiquiBand Topical Skin Adhesives

LiquiBand Optima

Key Features

LiquiBand Optima Topical Skin Adhesive has a unique, winged applicator to facilitate safe and easy activation, along with accuracy and control.

Key Benefits

Perfectly suited for use in Emergency Departments

  • Designed for closure of clean, fresh wounds where the edges are easily apposed and not under tension.
  • Contains a sterile blend of 90% butyl and 10% octyl cyanoacrylate.
  • Suitable for the closure of acute wounds including scalp, chin, and facial lacerations.
  • Acts as a water resistant barrier. Pre assembled with an integrated flow control precision tip.

Design Features

1 Unique applicator

  • Winged applicator allows easy and safe priming application
  • Visidome enables clinician to see how much skin adhesive is available

2 Precision control applicator tip

  • Safe, effective and rapid wound closure for scalp lacerations
  • Precision control tip ideal for areas of dense hair growth

Improved patient safety

  • Delivers safe, fast closure
  • Offers excellent post-operative cosmesis
  • Provides low exothermic reaction

Fast and precise

  • Strong and secure wound closure
  • Quick 10-second dry time
  • Controlled placement of adhesive

LiquiBand Surgical S

Key Features

LiquiBand Surgical S provides microbial barrier protection.

Key Benefits

Fast precise closure

  • Quick and easy to use.

Cost effective

  • No topical sutures required, eliminates the added burden of suture removal.

Strong and secure

  • Stronger than 4-0 sutures, reducing the risk of dehiscence.
Design Features

1 Flow control applicator tip

  • For precise, controlled delivery

2 Unique winged applicator

  • Allows easy safe priming and application

3 Dome shaped tip

  • Provides wide coat application

Strong and secure

  • Butyl / Octyl blend, providing a strong primary closure and a flexible dressing

Liquiband Optima Application