inSight from eKare

inSight is a tissue composition and 3D wound measurement point of care device, which standardises wound assessment.

By utilising machine learning and 3D scanning, Insight provides highly accurate area and depth measurement with tissue classification. All, in under 10 seconds.

Connectivity. Intelligence. Insight.
Redefining Wound Care

eKare inSight® 3D wound imaging solution combines the latest in sensor technology, computer vision, and machine intelligence on an intuitive mobile computing platform. inSight® was designed by clinicians for clinicians. We understand the limitations with the current wound care practice and the frustrations they bring. Hence, we designed our solution with one priority in mind—simplicity.

3D Wound Dimensions
Get accurate wound dimensions, including length/width, depth, area, & volume at the point of service.

Tissue Classification
Analyze and approximate wound tissue composition (red, yellow, black) through machine learning.

Automatic Wound Border Delineation
Automatically detect and delineate wound border for fast/precise measurement.

Real-time Clinical Dashboard
Get a real-time overview of your clinical operations to guide informed decisions.

Assessment/Treatment Documentation
Streamline your documentation process through workflow optimization and intuitive UI.

Comprehensive Reporting
Customize and generate PDF reports or export CSV files to meet clinical and compliance requirements.

Simplicity without compromising quality.

Built to operate on an iPad, the mobile iOS platform and its use is familiar to all. The inSight wound management app streamlines wound measurement, assessment, and treatment planning. Obtaining wound measurement is as simple as taking a photo using a tablet.