Hana Orthopaedic Surgery Table System

Hana® Orthopaedic Surgery Table System

The Hana® Orthopedic Surgery Table is a table that enables surgeons to perform a variety of fracture and orthopaedic procedures, including the anterior approach for total hip replacements. With its capability to position the leg, the Hana table enables the surgeon to replace the hip through a short single incision (1,2) without detachment of muscle from the pelvis or femur. (3,4) The table allows hyperextension, abduction, adduction and external rotation of the legs for femoral component placement. For this reason, the Hana table is a resource for many orthopaedic surgical procedures including femur fractures (supine or lateral positions), tibia fractures, hip pinnings, hip scopes, and total knee arthroplasties.

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