Everest MI

Cannulated top-loading polyaxial pedicle screw system featuring the ability to accommodate titanium and CoCr rods of two different diameters. The innovative lead thread pattern allows for faster insertion and demonstrates increased pull-out strength. The mixed metal tulip minimizes head splay and improves mechanical performance.

Everest MI can be used in conjunction with the SERENGETI® Minimally Invasive Retractor system which provides a screw-based method of retraction. The flexible design of the retractor allows for direct visualisation and improved access during rod and setscrew placement.


  • Ability to Accept 5.5 & 6.0 mm Diameter Rods
  • Easy-to-start Set Screw Facilitating Set Screw Introduction
  • Dual Lead Innovative Thread Pattern Provides Faster Insertion & Increased Pull-out Strength
  • Mixed Material Housing Minimizes Splay & Improves Mechanical Performance
  • 70° Polyaxial Range of Motion Provides Intra-operative Flexibility