EPORE Sleeves Components

EPORE® metaphyseal components are implants designed to fill in and reconstruct central defects of the metaphyseal bone in the distal femur or proximal tibia. The aim is to enable a stable basis for implantation with a knee endoprosthesis. The EPORE® metaphyseal components femoral feature a design that enables the use of femoral spacers (distally or proximally) in combination with the femoral component. EPORE® metaphyseal components tibial are also available as components including a bicondylar (full width) spacer of a height of +5mm or +10mm. The EPORE® metaphyseal components are specially designed for the implants of ACS® MB SC and MUTARS® GenuX® MK, and can be used exclusively with these systems. Between the EPORE® metaphyseal components and the implants a solid fixation is achieved either by morse taper (femoral) or screw (tibial). Thus, a fully cementless implantation of the system is possible. Primary stability is achieved by the press fit of the EPORE®-structure. Furthermore, the bone ingrowth is promoted by the high porosity of the structure, resulting in a long term stability.