The EPORE® Cones are designed to reconstruct bone defects of the knee joint in order to enable a stable base for the implantation of a knee endoprosthesis.The EPORE® Cones are subdivided into the EPORE® Cones metaphyseal and the EPORE® Cones cortical. The cones are characterized by various sizes and designs in order to facilitate an optimal treatment of differently sized bone defects. The design is optimized for use with the implant systems ACS® SC and MUTARS® GenuX® MK. However, the EPORE® Cones can be used universally with third-party products, as long as the compatibility is ensured in advance. The implants are made out of the highly porous EPORE®-structure, which is perfectly suitable as an ingrowth-structure for bone renewal. The EPORE® Cones are implanted without cement. Subsequently the knee implant is embedded within the cone by using bone cement.