The Lumbar Curvy™ Retractor is designed to make anterior lumbar surgery safer, smaller, simpler and more stable. The bone-fixed blades are designed to protect the blood vessels and retract soft tissue. Curvy features include making things safer where it matters, 4/5 on the right 5/1 on the left. Continuous curved surfaces retract vessels smoothly, reducing risk of vessel injury or thrombosis, and preventing vein bulging into the field. Curvy blades are compressed to the vertebral body by strong threaded screws or smooth trocar pins. Unique open blades with open cannulation points make screw or pin positioning easier and safer. Curvy Blades will work with screws or pins alone, but for larger patients, ring fixation provides added stability. Conforming to the spine in two planes improves stability, therefore table mounting is not necessary. Curvy left and right blades are compatible with all existing systems.