Coflex- F

The Coflex-F™ implant is a minimally invasive device that provides significant segmental stability with all the advantages of an interspinous implant. The Coflex-F™ implant is intended for permanent implantation as an adjunct to fusion in the region from L1 to L5 in up to two contiguous levels. Biomechanical studies have shown that the rigid connection to the spinous processes allows for similar stabilisation of the posterior elements as with pedicle screw fixation supporting the fusion process. The Coflex-F ™ implant may be used as an alternative to pedicle screw fixation in adjunct to an interbody fusion. There is reduced Iatrogenic trauma, less muscle trauma, less blood loss and a smaller skin incision. The Coflex-F™ has a large contact area for optimized stress distribution and two secure screw and sleeve fixation anchorage points. The Coflex-F™ comes in five anatomical sizes from 8mm to 14mm in height and is made from titanium alloy. –