Capri Small Static and Expandable

The CAPRI® Small 3D Corpectomy Cage System provides an innovative, 3D-printed solution for stabilization of the spine in cases of vertebral body resections resulting from trauma or tumour.

CAPRI Small 3D Static and Expandable cages are constructed using K2M’s Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology™, which incorporates a porous structure along with rough surfaces to allow for bony integration throughout the implant.

Capri Small Expandable is a versatile system that allows for in-situ height expansion and endplate angulation with both cages offered in a 13X16mm footprint and heights ranging from 12mm to 50mm with 7° lordosis  for the static cage and 18 to 74mm heights with up to 30° lordosis for the expandable cage.