Barricaid® Annular Closure

The Barricaid® prosthesis is designed to close large defects in the annulus, which often lead to disc reherniation and/or disc collapse following discectomy surgery. The Barricaid® allows surgeons to perform a limited nucleotomy in patients, by offering a secure closure to those presented with a large defect.

The Barricaid® track-record spans over 8 years of clinical experience, including one of the largest level I superiority RCTs in spine, where Barricaid® has been compared to the gold standard, discectomy alone.

The Barricaid® prosthesis for annular closure consists of a woven polyester mesh intended to block an annular defect, while anchored to the adjacent vertebral body by a titanium bone anchor.

The Barricaid® is designed to be implanted following the completion of a limited lumbar discectomy to:

  1. Effectively close the annular defect
  2. Prevent reherniation
  3. Preserve disc material

Patients who benefit most from receiving a Barricaid® are those at greater risk of recurrent herniation and/or disc collapse. These patients are identified as having a tall disc height in combination with a large annular defect.