ARCHIMEDES™ Tunnelling System

Archimedes, including BTPNA (Bronchoscopic Trans-Parenchymal Nodule Access), takes virtual bronchoscopic navigation to the next level by incorporating a novel approach to the peripheral lesions that are not adjacent to the airway.

In this BTPNA, the software creates a tunneled path through the lung parenchyma and around the blood vessels directly to the peripheral lesion, which can then be sampled and treated.  All during one visit.


Image Guidance for Bronchoscopy and Fused Fluoroscopy

  • Real-time navigation within the lungs for lung biopsy and other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Side-by-side navigation pairs real time and virtual images throughout procedure
  • Navigation guides user to target with 3mm accuracy
  • Airway path allows access to lesions without specialized, disposable instruments
  • BTPNA Module enables direct access to lesions using standard 2 mm working channel compatible bronchoscopic instruments


Bronchoscopic Transparenchymal Nodule Access (BTPNA) 1

  • Biopsy yield was 100% for procedures where a tunneled pathway (tract) was created (10 out of 10)
  • Overall yield for BTPNA was 83% (10 out of 12), the tract could not be created in two patients (both having lesions in left upper lobe)
  • No occurence of pneumothorax, localized hemorrhage, or bronchial or pulmonary lacerations
  1. Bronchoscopic Transparenchymal Nodule Access (BTPNA): First in Human Trial of a Novel Procedure for Sampling Solitary Pulmonary Nodules:  Felix JF Herth, Ralf Eberhardt, Daniel Sterman, Gerard A Silvestri, Hans Hoffmann, Pallav L Shah

A. Creating a hole in the airway wall at point-of-entry with the FlexNeedle

B. Dilating the airway wall with the Archimedes Dilation Balloon

C. Tunnelling with the Archimedes Sheath and blunt stylet through parenchymaltissue using fused fluoroscopic guidance provided by the Archimedes System

D. Accessing sampling and/or treating the nodule with 2mm wording channel compatible bronchoscopic tools


User-Friendly Interface

  • Target is superimposed on virtual, actual bronchoscopic and live fluoro views
  • Live view is displayed simultaneously alongside the virtual animation views and path, confirming location and orientation in the airway
  • Airway diameter measurements help size the bronchoscope, and other potential needed devices, such as stents or valves

Live fluoroscopic view overlaid with guidance to target and C-arm position icons for current and next views

A. Real time bronchoscopic video image B. Real time virtual image with overlaid point of entry (POE) C. CT projections with target and vessels overlay D. 3D reconstruction of patient airway tree


Instrumentation and Accessories in a Convenient Procedure Pack

  • 18 gauge FleXNeedle with Stylet
  • Sheath
  • Dilation Balloon
  • Inflation Syringe
  • Access Key

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