Anatomics Patient Specific Spine Solutions

Since 1996, Anatomics has pioneered innovative CT scan derived technology to aid in improving surgical outcomes as well as cost and time efficiencies.  Anatomics’ patented patient specific SpineTube™ retractors and dilators,  SpineGuide™ screw trajectory guides and Biomodels enhance accuracy, visualisation, and preoperative planning capabilities in minimally invasive and complex deformity spine surgery .

SpineTube Kit™

The SpineTube™ is a patient specific surgical tool which is used during minimally invasive spine surgery. It is used to provide clear access to the lumbar spine and eliminates the need for expensive and inconvenient tube clamping systems as it is fixated directly onto the spine using single screw fixation.


The SpineGuide™ is a patient specific surgical tool designed for minimally invasive spine surgery and is used to assist with the accurate alignment and placement of pedicle screws.


3D printed BioModels are a sterilisable life-size replica of the patient’s own anatomy to aid in patient education, surgical planning and as an intra-operative visualisation tool. Clinical data shows that surgical BioModels reduce total surgery time and therefore reduce patient exposure to anaesthetics and blood loss. 1,2


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