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Introducing the CMR Versius Robotic System

The most valuable asset in any operating room is the surgeon and the surgical team. We believe everything else should fit around them and their needs. So we built Versius, a surgical system designed to meet the needs of surgical teams performing abdominal and pelvic surgery.

A tool for the whole  surgical team

Successful surgery is about teamwork. We’ve developed an open surgeon console that allows for clear communication between surgeon and team, while delivering excellent surgical site vision through the use of 3D HD display technology. Naturally for a next-generation surgical robot, Versius is quick to set up and take down between procedures. Its small footprint and modular design make it easy to move around, and between, operating rooms with minimal effort.

Surgeon-led design

We know that laparoscopic surgery is hard, both mentally and physically. Versius has been designed to make the procedure easier on the surgeon. Instinctive instrument and vision controls aim to reduce mental workload, while our open console design allows you to sit up straight or stand for maximum ergonomic efficiency, keeping you comfortable for longer each day and – we believe – potentially prolonging your career.

Operate your way

Versius gives you back the opportunity to think laparoscopically. Individual cart-mounted arms both bio-mimic and bio-enhance what your own arms can do, giving you the freedom to place ports where you feel will be best for each procedure. It’s that simple. Deliberately.

Designed for your patient

The benefits to patients of laparoscopic surgery are now proven. Smaller incisions reduce scarring and pain, simplify the management of surgical site infections (SSIs) and reduce the incidence of port site herniation. We have created a suite of fully wristed instruments including energy devices. Into every Versius arm we’ve embedded advanced collaborative robotics that allow surgical teams to move arms while the surgeon is operating, giving increased access should it be required, all without disturbing the surgeon and the procedure they are performing. It genuinely needs to be seen to be believed.

Investing in surgery

CMR Surgical is committed to making the advantages of minimal access surgery available to more patients. Not only does this mean delivering a cost-effective robotic system, we also believe this must include a long-term commitment to surgical team training and improved surgical procedures, based on real-time best-in-class performance. We have set up a complete surgical registry to track all procedures performed by our system, a process that will be adopted at each of our early-adopter sites. Through openness and inclusion, we aim to help surgeons deliver more predictable and consistent surgical outcomes, every day, every week, every year.


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