Mazor Robotics Continues to Gain Momentum

In June 2016, Melbourne Private Hospital – a flagship Healthscope hospital in Victoria – integrated the Mazor Spinal Robotic System.  Surgeons operating at the hospital are consistently using the system in the execution of spinal fusion procedures, and experiencing the high reproducible accuracy, reduced level of fluoroscopy, and gains in workflow efficiency delivered by the robotic procedure. The below press release by Healthscope reveals testimonials by the hospital General Manager and two surgeons

Recognised as a centre for innovation and clinical excellence, Melbourne Private Hospital recently introduced the Mazor Renaissance Robotic guidance system for minimally invasive spinal surgery. Leanne Umstad, General Manager of Melbourne Private Hospital explains that the acquisition of the Renaissance Robot supports the Hospital’s focus to provide cutting edge technology which ultimately improves patient outcomes. 

Before entering the operating room, surgeons use the robotic system to pre-plan the optimal surgery in a CT-based 3D simulation of the patient’s spine. During surgery, the robot guides the surgeon to the precise pre-planned trajectory to execute the surgical plan.

“The Robot allows us to optimise workflow, save time and reduce intraoperative fluoroscopy time substantially. It is a great assistance in difficult, multi-level and complex cases”, explains Dr Andrew Morokoff, Neurosurgeon and University of Melbourne’s Head of the brain tumour and epilepsy laboratory.

Neurosurgeon and spinal services specialist Mr Badhu Kavar currently uses the Renaissance robot to perform spinal procedures at Melbourne Private Hospital. “The new technology allows reproducible, accurate placement of percutaneous pedicle screws. It’s accuracy and efficiency is fantastic and substantially decreases any risk of injury to the patient”, says Mr Kavar.

As spinal surgery procedures continue to increase, the Neurosurgical team welcome the introduction of this new technology. 

With the growing national recognition of the system’s clinical and commercial advantages within surgeons community and hospital administrators, LifeHealthcare look forward to enhancing access to the gains brought by spinal robotics for additional hospitals, surgeons and patients in Australia and New Zealand.